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Though we say an AV fistula is the best available vascular access for hemodialysis today and strive to have a functioning  fistula in all patients before they start hemodialysis, what we ultimately face is a patient who needs dialysis immediately but don’t have a fistula. In such circumstances we can’t help but to opt for a dialysis catheter. There are…


There are two types of dialysis catheters. Temperory catheters and tunnelled permanent catheters. Worldwide it has become the rule to prefer tunnelled catheters for dialysis in patients in whom an AVF can’t be created. Temperory catheters can be associated with a lot of problems like infections, poor blood flow rates and narrowing of blood vessels in the chest with disastrous…


A well functioning vascular access is the single most important requirement of a hemodialysis patient. Traditionally it is either one of AV fistula, AV graft or a dialysis catheter. Though an AV fistula is considered to be the best available vascular access, sometimes it is necessary to have an AV graft or a dialysis catheter for accesses in patients in…


AVF and AVG related problems are very common and they can affect the quality of dialysis. It is important to detect them at the earliest so that adequate treatment can be done to salvage them. Some common problems include poor blood flows, high pressures during dialysis, swelling of the fistula arm, swelling of the face, prolonged bleeding after the needle…


A well functioning AV fistula /graft is the most important requirement of a hemodialysis patient. Patients can themselves look for the functioning of a fistula by placing their hand over their fistula and listening for the “thrill”. It is a simple yet very useful test which can be done by the patients themselves with a little teaching from the physician/Nephrologist.…


It is a procedure much similar to the stenting done for heart attack whereby a self expanding meshwork of stainless steel/nitinol is used to treat narrowing of blood vessels of the chest seen in dialysis patients.


It is the procedure done wherein a small high pressure inflatable balloon is used to treat access related problems like stenosis, thrombosis etc.


Fistulography is a simple test which is done to detect problems associated with AV fistula and grafts. It is done by injecting dye in to the fistula and visualizing it under X ray imaging.


Hemodialysis is the most common modality to do dialysis worldwide. If late there are numerous advancements and developments in the machines to do the hemodialysis. The quality of hemodialysis has improved tremendously that patients in hemodialysis are surviving for 3-4 decades.

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